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Be Heard Partners support Vodafone UK in Rapid Development and Launch of New Microsite

03 August 2017

Be Heard Group plc (AIM: BHRD), the digital marketing services group, is pleased to announce its work on Vodafone Labs, a microsite launched by Vodafone UK. Working in partnership with Vodafone Digital, Be Heard Partners MMT Digital and agenda21 developed the launch iteration in just two weeks.

The new microsite, Vodafone Labs, is a central hub that will showcase Vodafone UK's latest innovations in technology and act as a platform for attracting new talent to Vodafone's digital team. Visitors to the site can experience cutting-edge Vodafone initiatives including TOBi, the first live chatbot in UK telecoms, and new voice authentication services which are being tested using Amazon's Alexa. For prospective candidates, the site offers an introduction to the digital team, alongside details of current vacancies.

MMT Digital and agenda21's shared model of engagement with Vodafone saw the deployment of integrated teams working together to deliver a fully optimised microsite. Together the product owner, designers and developers quickly defined a strong Minimum Viable Product ('MVP') which allowed Vodafone UK to effectively prioritise its business requirements and substantially reduce time to market. The Lab's MVP microsite was conceived and delivered in a single sprint including not only design, build, SEO and analytics but also the production of content and online video.

The Partners' agile culture allowed development to move forward while the site was tested daily with Vodafone's stakeholders via a daily build of the demonstration environment. Developers created pages from wireframes where User Interface ('UI') design hadn't been created and in some cases, didn't need to be fully designed. This saved time significantly and prevented the scope creep ambitious design sometimes brings.

Jon Davies, head of digital at Vodafone UK, said:

"The content and messages on our new site represent our big ambition to be a leader across our industry and beyond. Transforming what we deliver and how we deliver is at the centre of Vodafone Labs. Feedback from inside and outside the business has been fantastic and we are looking forward to continuing the story of digital Innovation in Vodafone."

Richard Costa-D'Sa, Chief Growth Officer at Be Heard, said:

"This project demonstrates perfectly how our Partner companies can work together to help leading brands such as Vodafone showcase their businesses and connect meaningfully with important digital audiences. Our partnership method and agile culture can make the difference to brands wanting to achieve real impact in today's fast-moving digitally-powered world. I believe that drawing together Partners to deliver powerful shared projects like this will be an engine for sustained growth at Be Heard."

For further information, please contact:

Be Heard Group plc
Peter Scott,
Executive Chairman
Robin Price,
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
+44 20 3828 6269
Bell Pottinger (Financial PR)
Elly Williamson/Liz Morley
+44 20 3772 2573


Notes to Editors:

About Be Heard Group plc

Be Heard Group plc (AIM:BHRD) is a digital marketing services group operating at the intersection of marketing, technology and e-commerce. Our vision is to build an agile interconnected group focused on helping clients maximise their return-on-investment from digital marketing. To achieve this, we acquire and connect best-in-class partner companies spanning key digital disciplines, providing management experience, access to deeper resources and a strong platform for growth.

Our four partners today are:

Agenda 21 Digital Holding Limited ('agenda21'), a digital media and analytics agency, which became a partner on admission in November 2015

MMT Limited ('MMT Digital'), a user experience ("UX"), design and build agency, which became a partner in May 2016

Kameleon Worldwide Limited ('Kameleon'), a content marketing agency, which became a partner in December 2016

Freemavens Limited ('Freemavens'), a data-driven analytics and insight consultancy, which became a partner in February 2017




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