About Us

Be Heard Group plc is a digital marketing group operating at the intersection of marketing, technology and e-commerce. Our vision is to build an agile interconnected group focused on helping clients maximise their return on investment from digital marketing. To achieve this, we acquire and connect best-in-class companies spanning digital marketing disciplines, providing management experience, access to deeper resources and a strong platform for growth.

Our partner companies:


Agenda21 is an award-winning digital media planning & buying and analytics agency based in central London. Operating under the banner 'Engineered for digital', Agenda21 provides digital strategy, digital media planning & buying and the use of deep analytics to generate customer insight and improve return on investment for clients.


MMT Digital is a highly-rated design, development & UX agency, specialising in architecting, creating and building bespoke websites & applications that deliver outstanding user experiences. With offices in central London and Uppingham, it is a leading global partner for Kentico, the content management system, e-commerce and marketing platform.


Founded in 2008, content marketing agency Kameleon specialises in digital and social content and is custom-built to provide brands with content-led campaigns that are both more effective and more engaging than traditional advertising. Kameleon creates compelling content that entertains and engages in its own right but is as accountable and measurable as any other marketing discipline. We exist to help brands change the way they advertise.


Freemavens is a technology and data-driven consultancy that transforms businesses by using big data to deliver insights, strategy and ideas. It enables brands to do more of the things that people love, and want to share, and so helps them grow faster.

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